About Find-A-Pest

Help keep New Zealand free of new weeds and pests

Find-A-Pest is a new app that provides users with simple options to report potential insect and fungal pests of plants, pest weeds, and a range of other animal pests. Find-A-Pest is your opportunity to participate in the Ko Tātou movement of all New Zealanders contributing to biosecurity. It is easy to use with observations made simply by clicking the camera button or via one of the factsheets. The factsheets highlight particular species that are of interest to the sectors that you have subscribed to in your profile (found in the main menu).

When you make an observation you will quickly get help from specialists at Find-A-Pest and via the iNaturalist NZ community. If your observation is considered to be a potential biosecurity threat then it may be forwarded to Biosecurity New Zealand who will, if necessary, contact you for more information if they feel it is necessary. Comments and identifications will appear directly in your activity page along with all of the observations you have logged to date.

The app is a collaboration between Scion and Lincoln University that was funded by the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge, Regional Councils (via Environment Southland through Envirolink Tools), Biosecurity New Zealand, New Zealand Forest Owners Association, Zespri, and Kiwifruit Vine Health. An extensive co-design process underpinned the choice of app functionality that had input from additional partners, including Te Tira Whakamataki, iNaturalist NZ, Department of Conservation, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Auckland Council, NZ Avocado, NZ Wine, Horticulture New Zealand, New Zealand Apples and Pears, Dairy NZ, and Wakatū Incorporation.

The app was built by the clever people at Tauranga based Cucumber.