Future plans

Help keep New Zealand free of new weeds and pests

What's next

Version 1.0 is just the beginning of our journey. We've built Find-A-Pest version 1 to help grow the community of Kiwis keen to help protect New Zealand from new pests and weeds. With air behind our sails, there's a lot more we can do.

Alerts and news

Get instant notification of biosecurity alerts relevant to you, displayed on your phone even when the Find-A-Pest app is closed. Also get news on pests and events related to your industries of interest and your region of NZ.

Computer vision

iNaturalist has used their millions of identified photos to build an amazing machine learning system they call computer vision. It automatically identifies the species in photos with often incredible accuracy. We've been talking to them about integrating this feature into Find-A-Pest and we're all keen to see this rolled into the app.

Maps of nearby observations

See what pests and weeds have been detected by Find-A-Pest users in your neighbourhood.


Version 1.0 of Find-A-Pest asks you to tell it your region of interest. Future versions will know where you are automatically using the GPS in your phone. Further down the track, we're keen to see the app give you relevant real-time info on the pests and weeds to look out for everywhere you go. For example, when you arrived at a nature reserve, Find-A-Pest would automatically detect your location and tell you the most important pests and weeds to look out for on your walk.