Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Help keep New Zealand free of new weeds and pests

Find-A-Pest is closely linked to iNaturalist and iNaturalist NZ. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of iNaturalist NZ apply to Find-A-Pest.

In addition to iNaturalist NZ terms, Find-A-Pest will retain information pertaining to the location, date, username, and photo(s) associated with any observations that you have submitted using Find-A-Pest in perpetuity for biosecurity purposes. These observations will be retained if you delete your iNaturalist.NZ account.

Authorised Find-A-Pest identifiers will assess unknown observations or those species that are a potential new to New Zealand. If they update the taxon name associated with your observation and forward this to iNaturalist NZ then this taxon update will be attributed to your iNaturalist NZ user account. Beyond the beta-testing phase of the app we plan to address this to ensure greater transparency of who provided identifications and ask for your patience during this period.

Find-A-Pest will share your details and observations with relevant NZ primary sector representatives, relevant Mana Whenua groups, and local and central government agencies. You may be contacted directly by a NZ Government agency for biosecurity purposes. If you have given consent for your details and observations to be shared with relevant regional pest control groups we will share your information accordingly. We may contact you for feedback about your experiences using this app for the purposes of continuous improvement of our services.

By using the Find-A-Pest site you agree to these terms.